Top Rated Free VPN Services

Top Rated Free VPN Services

The best free VPN services provide excellent performance and security while remaining completely free to use. These services are ideal for users who are on a tight budget and want to increase their privacy and security while using public Wi-Fi or for occasional use of a specific website or online service. These free services don’t offer all the features that are offered in premium paid options.

A good free service should cover its costs without invasive advertising or data sharing. Unfortunately, a majority of free VPNs fall under the latter category and should not be used as they pose serious threats to your privacy and security. They may also be used to spread malware.

A VPN that does not limit data usage is among the most desired features. Proton VPN, and Windscribe are the best options. They both work with most streaming platforms and have a relatively large server network. They’re also the only free VPNs we’ve tested that do not apply monthly or daily data restrictions on their users.

TunnelBear, another of our top-rated free VPNs, has a reasonable number of server locations in many countries. It offers fast and reliable speeds. Its interface is user-friendly with cute bear mascots. The company is located in a privacy-focused state and has a verified no-logs policy.

Unlike the other top-rated free VPNs, NordVPN has a small choice of servers in Africa and experiences slower speeds when spoofing an unreachable location. It is not compatible with Netflix.

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