Deal Tracking Software

Deal Tracking Software

Deal tracking software can help companies to manage the process of turning potential customers into sales leads. By adopting best practices, it provides transparency and accountability among teams and enhances results.

It assists in identifying opportunities earlier, move deals more quickly and ultimately drive revenue growth. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, it helps reps to prioritize opportunities with high value so they can nurture them accordingly. It allows you to automate your playbooks as well as monitor the key metrics that matter to your business.

With FreshSales you can build an individual sales pipeline that includes different stages to map out your entire process from lead generation to closing and beyond. Keep track of events in chronological order to track your contacts’ engagement levels in one place, and identify areas to improve. Intelligent automations and integrations make it easy to manage your clients even on the on the move.

With a deal screen that appears like a whiteboard it is possible to manage your deals just the same way you manage your clients. It gives you the ability to add notes as well as appointments (calendar) attachments, and other contacts. Create custom deal screens that correspond to the business types for each department, such as one that is for software and another one for mortgages. It is then easy to switch between deals with a press of a button from the dashboard view. You can also use Zia, our smart assistant to keep you on top of your day-to-day tasks with a quick search and voice commands.

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