Virtual Document Safe Storage

Virtual Document Safe Storage

Virtual document safe storage is crucial for a variety of companies. A VDR can make it easier to share documents, whether with investors, service providers or even internal team members. It can also prevent data leaks and breaches. This is particularly important for businesses operating in traditionally paper-based industries, like accounting firms and law firms.

What is a virtual document?

A virtual document is a type of document that is composed of other documents (components or children). This allows the file structure of the documents to be replicated regardless of how heterogeneous the files are. For instance, a report might be written in Word but could contain tables in Excel and a PowerPoint presentation as an appendix. Virtual documents permit a document that is logical to break into a variety of elements that can be managed just like other documents.

The components of a virtual file can be added or removed separately from the parent document. This means that changes to the component files do not get automatically changed in the parent document’s version tree. If the entire assembly is frozen, the components won’t be updated automatically.

Documents can have a virtual watermark that is unique that allows anyone to recognize who has read, used or manipulated the document. This allows the culprit to be identified and penalized if documents leak.

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