How to Improve Your Board Members Communications

How to Improve Your Board Members Communications

As an executive, it’s important to be able to communicate with your board members. A solid communication plan can help keep boards on track and ensures that important information doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Communication with the appropriate people, at the right time, is equally important. In addition to being aware of your own communication style, you must be aware of the styles of other board members, too. The problem usually arises when a board member sends a message to the wrong board member. A non-executive director, as an instance, recently discussed information to his fellow directors concerning an employee’s issue. He canvassed their understanding of the issue by calling each one individually prior to making the topic the subject of a meeting. Each director heard a different version of what happened which led to confusion and conflict.

To enhance communication between board members, you can use a variety of strategies. Technology can be utilized to improve board communication. By utilizing a board portal with task tracking capabilities that can boost efficiency and decrease the chance of communication problems. The right tech can also help your board members work in tandem between meetings, allowing them to share information and collaborate in a secure and private environment. Being able to access the platform from any device is beneficial as it allows board members more flexibility in the way they participate. Another way to improve board member communication is to encourage social interaction among members through private and group messaging features. This will result in more natural conversations between members and a higher level trust, which can result in improved communication throughout the year.

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