Technology Diligent and VDR for Due Diligence

Technology Diligent and VDR for Due Diligence

In the past when auditors or investors needed to review the company’s records, it was done by renting a room at an actual location where hundreds or even thousands of binder were piled up to be inspected. This was a time-consuming and costly process for everyone involved.

With the use of a VDR however, all the information is accessible on the Internet. This eliminates the need for a physical space, and allows users to work from anywhere in the world. It facilitates a faster and more efficient due-diligence as compared to analyzing hundreds of binders full of data.

When selecting a VDR provider for due diligence consider features that provide automatic indexing and bulk-structure import. These functions aid VCs and other stakeholders to navigate the VDR document library. Taxonomy and name conventions that are sensible are also beneficial. It is also important to choose a VDR with alert and notification capabilities so that stakeholders are informed when new files are uploaded to the system.

A reliable VDR will also limit the capability to print and download files to prevent sensitive information from getting leaked or distributed by the wrong individuals. It will also allow administrators to tailor the user’s access rights by granting specific authorization levels to many users. These features will help avoid security breaches as well as regulatory penalties. Utilizing technology with diligence and for due diligence will help startups demonstrate the value of their business to investors, which is crucial in fundraising.

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